Super-Fast Broadband Announcement

Fiona Campbell-Howes (@patroclus) and Aren Grimshaw (@arengrimshaw) will be attending this morning’s press conference on super-fast broadband for Cornwall. The following statement has been made available to us in advance of this morning’s announcements.

Pre- announcement statement for Social Media Café

A multi million pound project to make super-fast broadband available across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly will be announced today. The project, involving a partnership of public sector and private sector organisations, is expected to be one of the largest single investments in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly in recent years. Thousands of jobs are expected to be created.

Among those due to be speaking at a press conference in Newquay today will be Alec Robertson, the Leader of Cornwall Council, and Ian Livingston, the Chief Executive of BT. It is understood that the project will result in Cornwall becoming a leading rural example of super-fast broadband investment across the UK and abroad.

Cornwall already has a reputation for pioneering IT initiatives. The well-known Actnow broadband project was recognised by the EU as an exemplar project for e-business. Since 2002 it has helped more than 10,000 Cornish firms make the most of broadband through marketing, grants, advice and technical support.

7 thoughts on “Super-Fast Broadband Announcement

  1. This is great news – though I hope that when they say rural, they really mean rural! We work in the middle of nowhere in Cornwall and worry for all the small businesses that rely on broadband that we’ll get overlooked. Will it be only the towns in Cornwall that will receive the super-fast technology?
    Put in a good word for us ‘really rural’ businesses who are lucky if we even get 0.5 MB!

  2. What a relief. This will herald a revolution for this county. Things will never be the same. This might sound like hyperbole but trust me it is not.

    You will not see people on the streets or flag waving but this is incredibly important. Not just for business but for every individual in this county. We are now closer to the whole world. Geographyical limits no longer apply. The young and talented will not have to leave. Public services can be delivered in your village.

    Mark this day. The revolution is coming.

  3. This sounds like a very positive step forward for us all here in Cornwall. Its most annoying to see we only have 1.5 mgb connection and download speeds, when we are paying the same money as those getting 9mgb+, as our ISP tells us we ar too far away from an exchange, so hopefully all us broadband customers in outlayin areas will et this fastr speed ??

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  5. This is really good news which will effect businesses in Cornwall indirectly more than directly. I know that for us a super fast broadband wouldn’t make a whole lot of difference for our offices, but the people and enterprises that it should attract will certainly help.

  6. Hi all.
    Once again big auntie BT talks about the super ‘broadband revolution’ this time it is in Cornwall…..or part of it!! 75o/o perhaps. Once again PL15 7TS is not included. Why is it that charges for services, rightly, are so often proportionate to their quality yet when it comes to line rental we all pay the same dispite the ‘quality’ This means that we subsidise those who have top quality!! Yet another corperate rip off.

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