4 thoughts on “Lloyd Davis and the history of the Social Media Café

  1. Fiona, thank you for this and for making sense of my ramble 🙂

    One little point of clarification – we take sponsorship! However the point I was making was that when we partner with someone in that way, they don’t get to snaffle the attention of the whole group, I simply point people towards them with the suggestion that they say thankyou for buying the coffee and supporting the club.

    It was good to meet you again on the night. I wish I’d had more time to chat at the end – but I needed food and to stop talking for a bit (although Aren & Laura will confirm that it was difficult to stop me blethering on about myself even over dinner).

    I hope it goes without saying that everyone’s very welcome to come along on a Friday morning if they’re up in #thatLondon and to e-mail or call me anytime if they want to understand better what we’re all about.


  2. Thanks for the clarification Lloyd (must have missed the finer nuance in my shame at having my company’s banner brazenly standing right next to you!) – and to Aren too for updating the post. Hope to make it to the original #tuttle one day, definitely!

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