2 thoughts on “Update and May Event

  1. How about somewhere different and Cornish. I know that most people are near Falmouth or Truro but instead of trying to copy up country how about we go to our strengths. Let’s meet in village halls and then go to local pubs. I have one near me which would be perfect. I know, I know it sounds hokey but it could be fun and it would be different. If we need somewhere more central then let’s go there. All I’m saying is that Truro and Falmouth town centres can be a bit predictable. Instead of the American Town Hall meets that they have both off and online. We could have Village Hall meets. What does everyone think?

    Also it’s really cheap. Ours costs just £10 to hire ours. It has a kitchen and we can cook up some pizzas or snacks. It has a screen with a digital projector and will soon have wireless internet. It has a warm local pub with a spare room. We are Cornish after all so let’s make our rural area a strength instead of a weakness. Would also produce some good publicity.

    What do you think?

    • I’m up for village halls and getting into community. Maybe we could encourage some local tweeters or potential tweeters to join us.

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